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ok but give me one good reason why you wouldn’t date Kermit the frog besides that he is a puppet and a frog

I can’t beat Miss Piggy in a fight. She’s very strong and knows karate.

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  • Me: *heals self*
  • Enemy: *heals self*
  • Me: Whoa. Whoa.
  • Me: What do you think you're doing?
  • Me: I just took off half your health bar, and then you go and do that?
  • Me: Yeah, I KNOW I just healed myself.
  • Me: 
  • Me: 
  • Me: It's different when I do it.
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look at this cutie for adoption right now at my mousery!!!!

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If you don’t think I’m cute that’s your problem not mine

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My prof just told us she’s going to bring us fruit snacks everyday omg

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EW: Tell us something about Andrew Lincoln that he doesn’t want us to know… [x]

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when your mother repeats what you have to do thousand times